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What our families are saying:

"Mayflower is a joyful community for children and for families. Every classroom is a beautiful space for children to explore a wealth of Montessori materials. The gentle, patient demeanor of the teachers allows children to thrive and grow in their independence. It is amazing to see how confident the children are and how peaceful a daycare can be!"

-Lisa McKay, Parent

“I knew I wanted to be here the moment I walked past the courtyard with the trees and happy staff and children.  The staff has always been very supportive of my children’s development.  They are passionate and committed to the Montessori work here.  I’ve made many lifelong friends with other parents here.  It’s a warm, tight parent community.”

-Leah Popova, Parent 

“We chose Creekside because of the Montessori learning environment that has allowed each of our children to develop at their own pace. Well-trained guides and staff care for and about the children, making a safe and supportive environment. Creekside has provided our children with social skills, practical life skills and a strong academic foundation. This prepared our oldest for a successful transition to school beyond Creekside. ”

-Michael & Tracy Mishler

"We came to Creekside looking for a school where our oldest child could grow more confident academically and socially. We've seen huge growth during his year in the Children's house. We couldn't be more happy with the staff and community and are excited to send our next kid too!"

"Creekside Montessori was an incredible gift in our lives. As a single, queer parent and artist, I wanted to find a place for my kiddo to feel belonging and to receive learning and support from culturally diverse adults who LOVE CHILDREN. We found all this and more at this special place. At the height of the pandemic, Creekside was not only a safe place for my child to go to, it was a joyful place where my kiddo was thriving while learning about how to be a global citizen, a good friend, and a member of a community of belonging. The school not only supported her, it also offered me chances to learn about child development and how to support her as she learned how to read and do math while also equipping me with more tools to support her through some of her more challenging behaviors with clear suggestions and effective techniques I could use at home to help our lives outside of school be full of more harmony and appropriate expectations and communication. I love this school and cried and cried when she graduated. I know it will be one of the best institutions of learning she will experience in her lifetime. I am eternally grateful."

"Creekside has been the perfect early learning environment for our daughter. With the help of Montessori-trained educators and caring staff members, she has thrived. We are confident in the educational foundation Creekside has provided, and our family has benefited greatly from being a part of this community. As we head toward the next stage in our daughter’s education, we reflect knowing that we’d choose Creekside time and time again."

"I know with all my heart that my children and I are better people because of Creekside. We feel so safe and welcome every day. Everyone deserves to feel that way, especially young children who are still learning about the world. We’re so fortunate to be a part of such an inclusive community."


"Before our eldest daughter Harriet came to Creekside, we had her in a standard daycare facility. I was struck by how many worksheets she was bringing home of just tracing and re-tracing letters. Sure, knowing your letters is important, but was this the way to open my daughter’s mind and was this really the highest priority for her two years before kindergarten?

Now, two years later and attending kindergarten, we are so grateful for Harriet’s time at Creekside. At her first conference, her Kindergarten teacher shared an anecdote that I think sums up the gift of her Creekside education. There’s a building block-type toy in her classroom that none of the kids had touched. Harriet became intrigued with them and figured out how to get them to fit together to build things. She then ardently taught her classmates how to use them too. And yes, she’s doing those tracing worksheets again too, but in the context of actively learning how to read."

"Our youngest daughter, Beatrix, has been at Creekside from as soon as she was eligible for the toddler room. We see her independence and curiosity unfold every day, with a spark of joy that we know is cherished by her guides. "

"Our family has been very fortunate to have Creekside with us the last few years as we weathered the difficult pandemic with young children. We always felt like we were part of a supportive community, even though a lot of the traditions and gatherings had to change and adapt. It was comforting to know that every day our kids were going to a peaceful and calm place where they would be loved and could bloom."


"We’ve been at Creekside since 2018 and it’s been such a big part of our family’s life since then. Our son just started his third year at Creekside and this school has been a place of joy and growth for him. His guides know him so well - his strengths and his challenges - and make his classroom a calm and happy place every day. Our daughter attended Creekside through Kindergarten, and had the most wonderful 3 years, despite the pandemic falling in that period. The community is warm and welcoming, a joyful place to drop your children 5 days a week. Montessori education is an incredible thing, and Mayflower is a wonderful place to experience it in action."

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